Are you looking for the best travel staffing agency to work with, but not sure how to get started?

When choosing to travel in Nursing or Allied Health, one major factor in determining your success in and satisfaction with travel is ultimately the standards of the staffing agency you decide to work with. Once you are a seasoned traveler, you will begin to pick up on these pitfalls more easily, however, if you are new to travel, there is a good chance that you could easily miss what to look for.  Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing was founded by a seasoned traveler who knew what travelers need, so to help you out we have recorded a few of the characteristics that you should look for in your agency.

A great place to start while looking at a new agency is by looking at their pay packages. Different agencies offer different pay for the same jobs, therefore, it is best to explore and compare their rates. (Tip: If a company refuses to give you rates without jumping through a series of hurdles, it might be best to consider this as a red flag and move on. There are plenty of agencies that are willing to be up-front with you)

First, get a good understanding of all of your expected monthly expenses and add them up to make sure that any assignment your recruiter submits you for will meet that amount at a minimum.

You’ll find that some traveling nurse agencies offer average to low pay where others take smaller margins to put more money in your pocket.  Different agencies offer pay packages that split out taxable and non-taxable money differently, so it is a good idea to always know these details about the pay packages your agency is offering prior to working through their, potentially tedious, application process.

You can find all of our pay packages on our Jobs Page and even more details about all of our jobs that we’ll send you on a regular basis by signing up here.

Along with attractive pay packages, the top-notch nurse traveling agencies will offer comprehensive benefits. These may include Health, Dental, 401k, bonuses, travel or certification reimbursement, etc.

It is important to know the details of these benefits prior to applying with an agency, because as most already know, there are a wide range of benefits that companies offer, and not all plans are equally valuable for employees. Even with relatively equivalent plans across different agencies, some agencies contribute more money toward your plan than others, giving you more value for your hard-earned dollars.

Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing provides great benefits! We are so proud of our benefits packages that we provide them for you to review any time on right here in our FAQ

While searching for a travel role, in our experience, housing is by far the most important thing that concerns most travelers. Some agencies provide housing to their travelers while others pay monthly stipends to cover rent on the traveler’s duplicated expenses. Some agencies leave it up to the traveler. These agencies have the flexibility and resources to provide a range of housing services from completely taking care of housing, to assisting in finding options, to fully allowing the traveler to control their housing options as much as they want to. These agencies typically have contracts with housing vendors or brokers so they can provide you with the finest housing options in the area. Having said that, make sure you also know details regarding the housing options like any potential extra costs including furniture, housewares, etc. before you make your decision.

In addition to agencies providing housing services, some medical facilities offer housing either for free or at a discounted rate compared to other options in the area, so it is always good to ask if the facility you’re considering provides any accommodation options prior to making your housing decisions.

Many seasoned travelers love moving from assignment to assignment in their RV. While inexperienced RV’ers find that there are a few new things to learn about the RV life in the beginning, like hauling the RV, connecting their services, and maintenance, they have told us that they learned these things fast and quickly became acclimated to the RV life and would trade it for nothing. They tell us that it’s frequently easy to find nice RV parks near hospitals and they can move from assignment to assignment with so much ease.

Considering the fact that travel nursing has such a competitive marketplace, it is not easy to withstand the competition with a poor reputation. An honest, experienced, well-reviewed, and stable travel staffing agency that offers wholesome pay and benefits packages is always the wise option to choose.

There are lots of places to find reviews of agencies. A few examples of this are reviews on the agency’s website, their Facebook Business Page, or other third party’s like Travel Nurse Source or Allied Travel Careers.

Taking the time to read through travelers’ reviews can be a great help by learning from other travelers experiences.

Undoubtedly, recruiters play an essential role in making your experience in a nurse traveling agency a successful one. Without a good recruiter, you can find yourself in a bad situation or even a disaster.

Your recruiter is your primary resource for any concern regarding the agency and your primary contact, therefore, it is necessary to not only to form a reliable relationship with your recruiter, but it’s incredibly important to make sure your recruiter can get answers to your questions when you have them if they don’t know the answers off-hand.

You must communicate openly with the recruiter, ask them for references, or follow them on different platforms to get an idea of who you are working with. A good recruiter is a necessity of a successful travel nursing agency.

Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing meets these criteria by providing great benefits with high contributions, knowledgeable and responsive recruiters, honest recruiting practices and a warm and respectful environment.