Great question! We have put our list together with simplicity in mind. We include a total gross weekly rate, taxable hourly rate, weekly stipends, overtime rates, and gap rates (when applicable) in our quotes. For additional clarity, theses rates are explained as follows:

  • Total Gross Weekly rate —this is your total weekly pay, given you are strictly working guaranteed hours.
    • ex. If 32 hours are guaranteed each week, this is the rate for 32 hours.
  • Weekly Stipends —this amount is calculated based on allowable amounts depending on standards for regional stipend allowances
  • Taxable hourly rate —this is the taxable rate you earn during your guaranteed hours
    • We arrive at this amount by subtracting your Weekly Stipends from your Total Gross Weekly rate distributed over guaranteed hours.
    • (Total Gross Weekly – Weekly Stipends) / Guaranteed Hours = Taxable Hourly Rate
  • Gap rate –this is the pay rate for hours greater than guaranteed hours and before overtime
    • For example, on a 36 guaranteed hour contract, the gap rate is paid for hours 36.01 – 40.