Are you a medical professional looking for a unique career opportunity? Do you love to travel? Do you want to use your skills and experience to help those who desperately need you? Then travel nursing is for you! Being a travel nurse is a healthcare job unlike any other, and with Nurse2Nurse Staffing, you can find the perfect positions for your goals and dreams. Keep reading to learn more about becoming a travel nurse and contact Nurse2Nurse Staffing today to jumpstart your career!

What Is a Travel Nurse?

A travel nurse is a nurse who is hired for a specific, temporary position. In many places throughout the country, the demand for nurses is high and the list of qualified candidates is short. As a travel nurse, you would travel across the U.S. – and even the world! – to meet the needs of a specific community. Most jobs are about 13 weeks long, but positions can range between eight to 26 weeks, and in some cases, there may be the possibility of transitioning to a permanent position.

Why You’re Needed

There is a widespread shortage of nurses in the U.S. For healthcare facilities, their access to qualified staff may simply be limited. In other cases, they may need temporary staff to fill a need in their community. Their location may make it difficult to retain skilled nurses. A member of their permanent staff may be taking a leave of absence or, in places like Arizona and Florida, their staff may be made up of a more seasonal population, and they need you to fill in the gap. In any case, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are willing to pay highly competitive wages to ensure they have the staff they need to give their patients the high-quality care they deserve.

Travel Nurse Pay and Benefits

One of the greatest advantages of a travel nursing job is the great pay. Hospitals are willing to compensate you generously for contributing your skills, and many of your expenses, such as living arrangements or the cost of travel, are typically covered. If you work with Nurse2Nurse Staffing, you are sure to get a good contract, because we were founded by traveling nurses for professionals like you, and we design every contract with you in mind.

Why Choose This Career

Travel nursing jobs are about so much more than the high pay, and there are plenty of reasons to explore a vocation like no other. Travel nursing gives you a freedom you won’t get with any other healthcare career path — you can choose when you work, where you work, and what kind of positions you want to take. You’re not stuck in the same job day after day, and you can take time off when you want. Even if you find yourself in a position you don’t enjoy, in most cases, you only have about three months before you can find your passion elsewhere.

With a travel nursing job, you can escape the cold weather for a job in the southwest, or explore a part of the country you’ve never seen. It’s a great way to experience a place before you choose to become a permanent resident, and you know that you’re helping a community that truly needs you! Travel nursing is also an invaluable opportunity to hone your skills and learn how some of the best facilities in the country operate. It’s an exhilarating yet stable career path that pays well, helps you gain experience, and meets a desperate need around the country.

Get Started Today with Nurse2Nurse Staffing!

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